Care Corner Uplift For Life 2024

Uplift Lives. Uplift Generations.

Care Corner Uplift For Life campaign aims to raise funds for programmes that help break cycles and uplift lives of our beneficiaries for the long-term.

These programmes include:

  • providing support to children with learning needs from low-income families to help them do better in school and break free from the poverty cycle,
  • equipping youths at-risk with skillsets for better employment opportunities,
  • offering mental health assistance, and
  • helping seniors regain their mobility in their golden years.
Through our Ruckathon, Gala Dinner and Backpacks of Care, you can directly contribute to these stories of transformation.

How you can support

Join the Ruckathon

Let's ruck together to show support for our beneficiaries carrying heavy burdens

Support our Ruckers

Donate to support a friend who is fundraising for a good cause

Support Gala Dinner

Gather for an evening of entertainment with a good cause

Backpacks of Care

Donate to our cause and gift a backpack to our beneficiary

Fundraising Progress

Fundraising Period
8 May 2024 to 31 October 2024


Top 5 Participants
Rank Name Fund Raised
1 AMY TAN Soulevement $11,553.75
2 Raymond Chang $9,725.53
3 Patricia Lum $8,316.00
4 Kok Lee Fong $7,778.75
5 Natasha Oh $7,005.53

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Top 5 Teams
Rank Team Name Fund Raised
1 Family Ruck&Roll $46,886.43
2 SpeakLIFE $32,460.00
3 Family Care Warriors $31,395.99
4 Ruck Stars $15,141.00
5 Rucketeers $14,131.88

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